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Future 598

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Broke our 557 and decided to build a 598. This is a two part deal. (1)Currently running the Blue Thunder with raised Chev exhaust. Contemplating going to the a460 head. Will the same piston work for both or is the valve relief different. (2) Is there such thing as an adapter plate for the a460 to avoid buildin a new set of headers. Thx in advance, my hat is off to the guys that maintain and visit this forum. Info at your fingertips is worth money all day long.
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I went the same route. Had a 557 with the same heads. Broke it and built a 588 with A 460 heads. Sold the car complete with the 588 and now I'm gathering parts for a new 598.

You will need new pistons for the A460 heads. The valve reliefs are totally different.

The headers will work with the new style Trick Flow A460 heads as both have BBC spacing. I used the same ones. If you were to use an old set of Ford Motorsport A460 heads they will work if the headers have individual flanges for each cylinder. The old heads have a BBC flange, but the spacing is slightly different. A one piece flange won't work, but you can cut them to make up the difference.
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