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-"Precision oil pumps" hi-volume high pressure oil pump for 429/460 cj style pump for front sump applications used for dyno time only......$40

-new frpp 429/460 short snout crank spacer....$15

-28 spline trans yoke for c-4 or small input toploader (1330 yoke size or 3 5/8" cap end to cap end) $10

-big input toploader 4-speed clutch alignment tool and new input bushing...$10

-remaned 72 F-250 brake master cylinder never installed...$10

-serpentine alternator pulley $5

-63/64 galaxie rear shock/leaf spring mount pads....$15

-63/64 galaxie clutch fork return spring (tweaked a little)...$5

-used 63/64 galaxie FE motor mounts...%10

-new 66/67 galaxie motor mounts...$15

-63/64 galaxie heater blower motor cover...$15

-hurst 4 speed boot with chrome retaining ring...$5

i can get pics of the other things if needed
shoot me an e-mail if interested

[email protected]

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