Cleaning out the garage and don't see myself using these anytime soon. I'm in the Detroit metro area if somebody wants to meet up.

1) Set of well used HD rods $$SOLD$$

2) Set of older Sealed Power/ TRW L2404 0.030" pistons on generic passenger car (non-CJ/ HD Truck!) rods, I have no idea where I got these. These seem too clean to have ever been used, but I can't guarantee that, the pistons are stuck on the rods and they've been stored in a milk crate so who knows what shape they are in. $100 OBO +shipping.

Let me know if my asking price is crazy. Thanks!

1/30/23: I mistakenly thought these pistons were on HD rods. They are not! These are generic, square shoulder rods with aftermarket rod bolts installed in them...