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Ok, I am out of work for awhile recovering from cancer so I have time to do some selling. Sale prices here, I don't have to sell this stuff but I have the time for next few weeks and then it's back to three jobs and no time for selling. If you need something for these trucks give me a holler, I likely have two!

Arizona doors,$400 a matched pair, front or rear, outer fenders;$150/pr, Inner fenders; $50/pr. NOS Doors,$600/pr; NOS Hood in the box;$650, not in the box $450, Arizona hoods, $250, Clean North Carolina hoods, $125 ea., NOS Fenders;$450/pr; Fleetside Tailgates,$200, Radiator supports;$100, Uncut dashes;$50, Super Cooling option radiators,$200; NOS F600/700 radiator, $250, Highboy C-6's w/driveshafts,(2) $100 each, Lots, lots more, write me with you wish list!
Thanks for looking,
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