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Went to a 5 speed so here are a few parts for sale.
Ford T10, Hurst shifter, with correct shifter and knob for early mustang or reverse for a 427 cobra.
Drive shaft yoke all so included.
It will need new gaskets as I took the side cover off to look, all looks to be in good shape.

Two QA1 coil overs with springs, 17.5 inches eye to eye.
Two pro shock coil overs 14 inches eye to eye.

Clutch disk for a big input top loader 11.5 inch, looks new but I do not know for sure.

B&M shifters for a 3 speed auto, I have 2 of those, one new one used have all the brackets and cables etc.
$100 each

410 12 bolt Chev ring and pinion gear set, pulled out of my 69 z28, went to a taller gear for the street.

C6 auto with short tail shaft, was behind a 460, with converter.

New chrome Edelbrock valve covers for an FE.

+ shipping,

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do you have a part number for the qa 1 coilovers? i would also like a pic of them and the b and m shifters. how old are the coilover/ usage amount.
Peace and Love Ron
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