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Gas Tank welding...

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What kind of precautions do you guys take when welding on a gas tank? I need to install a sump but I don't want to blow up!!!
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welding on gas tank

I had one done years ago at a radiator shop, the guy dipped the tank the same way they cleaned out a radiator, then flushed it out with water before cutting the hole for the sump and welding it on. They had done a few of them, and it worked with no issues. Good Luck!!
Rinse it out with water several times and then blow it out with an air hose. Let it air out for a few hours in front of a fan until you cannot smell anymore gas fumes inside it...then weld!!
A continuous purge of an inert gas such as argon into the tank while welding is a good idea.

We cant seem to recover from blowing up like how Wile E Coyote can :D
I just took my pressure washer and dish soap and washed it out real good. Let it dry, then installed the sump. No biggie.
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