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Getting close to drivetrain finally.
Would like to put my full tube chassis 70 F100 into the mid to low tens on pump gas without lifter issues and monthly rebuilds.
Plan on something with a 4.3 stroke combo. Weight should be around 3- 3400 pounds.
Also wouldnt mind getting atleast 4 or 5 mpg if possible. Have a few cruise inns that are about 40 miles away.

I have read the archives, and wonder if this is possible at my weight and reliability issues.

Aluminum heads and solid roller are fine.
No class restraints, just for fun.
Just want a mid ten to be half way respectable for the way the truck looks.
Full chassis with cage and all.

Might even put vintage air on it just for the hot days.

So am I blowing smoke up my own rearend, or can it be done.
My estimate was around 800 horse.
Saw alot of 800 horse builds on pump gas in the archives, but wasnt sure on there life span on the street.
Plan on maybe 300-400 miles a year at most.

Thanks everyone, Glad to finally be getting close after 3 years of thinking i was there.
P.S. Heads will be kentucky built.

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you sure dont need 800 hp to go mid to low 10's, 700 hp would put you in the 9's easily if set up right.........
A very simple build from 501-545 CI with 10-1 compression, a good set of aluminum cj heads, very mild solid roller cam, victor intake, and a 1050 dominator, and your there................heck just buy my motor, and you can probably go 9.95 right away :D
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