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Getting Close

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Ok.. Getting my truck much closer to what I really felt the 460 should feel and pull like.
Played with carb and timing, changed a dozen jets and squirters. I dont have a ton of room to open it up but it will blister the 38.5 swampers w/o power braking, just hammer it and they light up...
I've got 39 degrees of timing.. Seems alot what do you guys run? Also.. the c6 seems to be my next weak point.... Taking a moment to go to drive.. shifts slow to 2nd. I'm afraid to run in 4L in drags cuz it shifts so slow... Ideas for a trans fix that dont cost alot? or whats the "average" c6 gunna run me?


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Timing might be a bit too much. What are your plugs looking like? I'm running 33* on my 466 that just dyno'd in the 630hp range with 12:1 and ported d0ve's.

As for your tranny. Make sure the clutches and band are in good shape 1st. Then pull the vavle body. If you can't afford a good complete vb, then put in a Transgo stage II kit. It'll give you holding in 1st and 2nd but will shift normal (actually much firmer) in drive. There are a few other tricks by changing out the servo and apply lever as well that will help out. Just remember as the hp and tqe numbers go up on the motor, the tranny needs to be upgradded to match.
When funds allow, get a Merkle C6 and never look back again

Thats your truck in the pic? chevy? runnin ford? If it is, I figure thats about the best insult to injury when ya beat the chebby boys!!
It is my truck.... It is a mess of several years and differant pc's and parts.. Blew up my 350... I had a old F250.. Soooooo Here I am..
Plugs look Real good.. Nice tan color... Real snappy off line no back fire or stumble when you dump it. I'm not sure about compression it has worked D0Ve's , Flat tops , and Voodoo cam... I'm thinking compression is high cuz i drained 93 out and put 11o in and it's like a new motor.
D0VE's and flat tops will get you around 11.7:1 which needs at least 110 fuel. ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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