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Good cam companies

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What cam companies would you guys recommend? Some one on Reddit told me to avoid comp so I figured I’d ask the pros. Not looking for a specific cam just a manufacturer.
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All flat tappet cam cores come from the same place.
CWC now in Mexico since the 90's.
Who is grinding them for the most part matters little.

The lifters are another matter. Ask for made in the USA lifters.

We grind locally using made in US lifters that are notched.

Roller billets are made in the USA.

We use comp roller lifters on the HR stuff and BAM lifters for higher dollar builds.

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Mike Jones cams get’s my nod now a days, but not cheap.
Bullett does most of ours. Been very happy with them. The cores may come from similiar suppliers, however the lobe profiles, and support changes alot from company to company.
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