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Got another ?

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i have a set of heads an i want to know if they r a good head for biulding D3VE-A2A
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depends on what youre building. whats the budget and goals?
well iv got a 564 /552 cam an lifters thats fixing to go in it an wanting to biuld a monster atleast 4800 to 500+ hp i already have intake flat top pistons an every thing else
that cam isnt even going to come close to giving you 500 hp... the heads with proper port work and oversize valves will support 650+ hp so they arent bad to start with.
what kinda heads are they an wat hp do u think i will have with cam an flat top pistons an my heads r already ported polished an bigger valves
your passenger car d3ve's are what im referring to... with only 550ish lift im assuming your cam is probably somewhere in the high 220s low 230s duration at .050... which is enough for maybe 450hp with proper headers and exhaust and everything set up right
ok so how do i set it up rigth
well... youll need proper valve springs to match the cam- which is fine since it sounds like theyre shot anyways, lol.. then stronger and proper length pushrods... 0 deck the block... with flat tops and d3ve's and 0 decked your compression will be about 9.7 which with that cam should be ok on pump gas... about 2700rpm stall converter with that cam assuming my duration assumption is correct... properly recurved duraspark distributor... properly balanced rotating assembly... nice full length headers... 850cfm holley carb tuned properly, dual 3" exhaust with an x pipe and probably magnaflow mufflers... im sure theres a lot more but thats just the stuff i can think of off the top of my head.
how much r we looking at to 0 deck the block
an i got a set of flowmaster super 44s
Sell the flowmasters and find a good set of mufflers you can see through. The flows are a restriction.:D
for 0 decking youd have to contact a local machine shop and ask... around here its about a hundred dollars but can vary from place to place
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