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Got any idea on how fast this fox will go

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I am slowly building my 1984 fox and the curiosity is killing me on what it will run in a 1/4. It is a 429 bored .030, flattop pistons, zero decked, dove heads with 2.25 and 1.76 valves, ported by me, 1.73 roller rockers, weiand stealth intake, 950 prosystems carb, c460 cam, c6 trans with 3,000 stall, 9" rearend with 31 spline axles, posi rearend, 3.73 gears, 28 x 10 slicks.

Can anybody tell me what they think this thing will run?
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I'll take a guess and say low 11's in the quarter mile.
if i couldn't get a bbf fox out of the 12's i would give up ! so i'm guessing low 11's to high 10's if you can tune a carb and timing ! anywhere in the 11's should not be a problem.....
I'll take a guess and say low 11's in the quarter mile.
X2 it will probably take some tuning but I think that is a very good estimate.
I'll say low 12's maybe a high 11 second pass.

Later Mark.
if she waits around 3200lbs I will guess 11.90's
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