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Got my transmission fixed!!

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Got the ranger together for this past Saturday. New transmission worked great! Now I need to get used to the truck again and figure what rpm I can launch at. Got a 4th place in the 38" tire class with a 6.68 second pass. The part that sucked was the 3rd place winner was a friend of mine that I let drive my truck and he beat me by .2 seconds. That's right 2 tenths of a second off! How conistant is that? For my 44" class, I hit a bump in the track and went airborn. The truck went high enough that when I landed it ripped the bump stop off the frame and turned my steering rack into a sort of S shape. It's all good though because I've been thinking of going full hydro on the steering and have all the parts anyways. Seems like the right time. No vids though, forgot the camera in a last minute rush to finish the truck. Considering I got the tranny back at 3:30pm Friday, and put the starter in Saturday morning, filled the tranny with fluid then left for the race at 10am. Next race is August 28th, so the rest of this season is going to be working the bugs out and see where it takes me.:D
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We race every weekend here.
Hmmm, that's good to know. I have an open weekend in September I can try to make it down.
Looks like you too were burning the midnight oil last friday night!! Glad everthing went together well. A grabbing tranny over even a weak tranny (back when you thought you was still running right last summer) will probably make a couple tenths difference. Not to mention this years race when it probably made 2 seconds difference.:eek:

Looking forward to some video again from your direction. Glad your not too torn up from your air ride. I'm going to try and leave that department to you and Derrick! :D

If you could post a pic or two of your steering also that would be nice. I have no plans just yet but they could be lurking around the corner!


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Bent the 9" axle tubes on mine, going to frame machine Friday for straightening then fabricating housing gussets.
this seems to be the year of air time, everyone is getting off the ground (sometimes in a bad way).
Is there much out there for fast acting full hydro steering? I have drivin a couple with hydrualic steering, I didnt really like it, but they were setup for trail riding, not racing.
Jeffro, thanks. When I get the new steering in I'll be sure to post up pics!

Critters, talked with Kris Kizer from SC, we think Sept. 18th would be a good weekend to go down. Shoot me a pm on class rules again. I'm still running the mono leaf/coilover setup and setup for flat track.

Myron, as for the full hydro steering, 2" bore is the ticker for rock crawling, 1.5" is what is typical for hydro assist as it's similar speed to stock. I know of a guy that races with a 1" bore ram but to me it seems too quick. I already have a 1.5 x 8" stroke ram I picked up at tractor supply that I'll be using. I had very limited turn radius anyways with the Mustang rack, so hopefully it will help me when I need to turn now to stage. In the pit, I just hold it and go.
Sure thing, go to Little Doo Mud Bog.com You can find everything you need to know right there.
Also if you have any hotels or campground info that's close by would be helpful. Since it's a long drive, might asa well stay there for the night.
The Sherwood, 8miles from track. Less than $50 a night. Might be able to work something out if you don't mind a couch or two.
Bent the 9" axle tubes on mine, going to frame machine Friday for straightening then fabricating housing gussets.
Critters, buy ya a back brace for your 9" thats all I have on mine and that truck sees more air time than a skate boad at the x-games with no problems.

It should be a few of us, part of why I was looking for a nearby campground that had cabins. Makes it easy to slip in later in the night, grill up steaks for dinner and drink til dawn!

Reading the rules, looks like I can only run E mod due to the rear mounted radiator. So I'll make sure I have the NOS hooked up to be competitive with those big dogs!
Coming from out of town, I can probably get you into the "C" light class. You're gonna run against me regardless of the class!
Critters, buy ya a back brace for your 9" thats all I have on mine and that truck sees more air time than a skate boad at the x-games with no problems.

Derrick, I'm just going to build braces, have to route them around my floaters. Been running this housing for 10 years with no problems 'til now.
Kris is bout gonna have to run C Heavy aswell unless he brought something other than the 39.5's down with him
Ah, he'll be ok. So you gonna step up with the big tires too Larry?
If its back togther by then i will
Yours or his? because I know his is somewhat apart at the moment.
Pretty cool you guys are packing up and heading out to Critters track to race !!

It's great that people take the time to go out of town to meet others, and the others take the time to invite and help the out of towner's if they can! Sounds like a good time all the way around!!

The long distance 460FORD.com connection!!
It's all good. I know his truck is goingto wax my ***, but it'll still be fun to go play. At least the brite side is I won't need to bring too many tires. Normally I carry a set of 35's, 38's and cut 39.5's. For this trip it will only be the 38's and cuts.
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