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Got the exhuast done on the 67

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I just finished bolting up the exhuast on my 67 Fairlane, clamped together right now until my friend can come over to weld it up.
521 cu in.
small solid roller
victor 460 intake with 1050 dominator
3" exhaust with X pipe with hooker aerochamber mufflers
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nice build just interested in the engines mounts you used what brand are they and where did you get them from. Im just about to install my stroker and need some mounts.
Motor mounts are made by Crites

Your going to have your car on the street/strip before me!! Mine is at the body shop, should be in primer in the next week.. then wire and fire it up.. Glad to see your finishing up your ride.. Love to see another Fairlane out on the road!! Post more Pictures!!! Later
If you like Fairlanes I hope you like mine 2 door sedan Narrowed/tubbed cragers and a 521 with Crites mounts and headers


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