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Just guaging interest... I'm thinking on staying with my truck project, even for my 598 A-Headed engine when it's done. The truck already has most of the work done, and if I finish it out it will save 1000's of $$$$ down the road and I don't have another complete project to start... Besides, there's just something about a fast truck... :D :D So I'm checking to see who may be interested in buying my '73 Mach1 for just what I have in it, which is $800.00... It's an original 2barrel Cleveland car. I will help "arrange" shipping but the buyer is responsible for shipping itsself... LMK what you guys think...

You can call me with any questions.... 406 431 3265 Day/Night

Thanks for the space Chilly...

Be C 8) 8) L,

Doug... 8)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts