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guess my weight !

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i was guessing around 3000lbs ?

91 lx coupe ex 4cyl

steel headed 460
c6 trans with cooler
8.8 disc rear
stock hood
10 hole aluminum wheels
no front sway bar
no rear seats
no sound deadener
no inner bumpers

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i wonder how much weight it adds over the 5.0 5spd setup, i had my last 93 lx hatch down to 2680-2720lbs without me in it and it still had the inner bumpers front and rear that add up to at least 40lbs !
I would think 300 more with iron headed bbf and c6 compared to 5.0-5sp.., ED
car weighed 3265 with me in it and 3070 without ! only thing removed is the rear seats 15lbs and misc stuff !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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