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Hanging pistons

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I hung the pistons on the rods for my motor the other day and have been concerned about it every since.

I did it the only way i knew how. (Put the rods in the oven at 180, put the pins in the freezer for 30 minutes or so, or both.) Never put much thought in to it really. The pins from the pistons would start in the rods, but not go all the way through. So I put all of the pins in the freezer. Abouth 30 minutes later I started puting them to gather. They were tight but oiled down I pushed them through with my hands. After the pins warmed up I could not move them anymore. I only had one that was not centered when I was finished and I gave it a little tap to get it centered up.

Now for the part that has me thinking. When I got to the last rod, I noticed that it looked like it had hone marks in it and the pin went through slick a whisle. Even after the pin warmed up the rod was still mobile on it. It had to be the rod that was asembled by the machine shop to measure for the zero deck job.

Should I press them all back apart and hone to rods to fit, or leave them like they are?
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Are these piston's and rods suppose to be free floating or press fit? If they are free floating you HAD BETTER take them apart and hone the rods or you will ruin them all when you try to start it:(
They are all free floating to match now. Thanks for the response.
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