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Hate that damn #@%[email protected] rear main!!!

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After my cam timing debocal I finaly got my 514 running.
F'n thing leaks again.
I hate that 2 piece rear main. It shouldn't be this hard!!
New engine, 75 psi oil @ 2k rpm.
could I have excessive blowby causing the issue?
I'm looking at installing a Star machine vac pump.
I have no place to draw a vacuum because of my
8 throttle bodies.


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You know it would surprise you to how many people install them backwards.

yea there is a champer on the main seal which must be installed correctly, if it nstill leaks maybe try an old Rope seal, it may do the trick.
When I first got the 588 running in my dragster it leaked on the rear main. Took cap off and verified it was facing correctly. Still leaked. Replaced it with a new one. It leaked just as bad. About 1 drip per second.

I have installed them with only a dab of silicone on parting lines all my life. It was also clocked so the parting line was inside the block on one side and main cap on the other. I cured it with a small bead of rtv inside the groove in the block where seal sits. Put the silicone in and then just pressed the seal into the grove so the silicone was on the back side of the seal.

I guess either the block was machined wrong or more than likely Fel Pro had a batch of seals that were slightly out of spec.
I know all about which way they face.
I've clocked it. Dab of silicone at the ends.
Ground the ends so they don't make an oval (per another member's suggestion)
I have not tried the silicone in the back side of the groove or shimming
the seal.
Why the hell couldn't they make the flywheel flange small enough for a one piece?

Damn, I hate that rear seal.
vacuum pump can be used on any induction system , it's not like a pvc valve.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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