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Head confusion

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Hello All-
More out of curiosity than anything, I've been trying to figure out all the head castings available. I'm confused by the new vs. old Motorsports stuff, along with the Trick Flow stuff. Here's what I do know, we have the Edelbrock heads, the Blue Thunder, and the Motorsport Aluminum Cobra Jets. I've also seen a TFS Cobra Jet head, does anyone know how this compares with other Cobra Jet type offerings? From there, there are the older A460 and B460 heads, supposedly the B's had a smaller intake port for more torque? I'm also gathering that these were called TFS heads? Now, Ford has a whole new set of heads based off the Yates design, but the TFS heads are still sold? Just trying to figure it out, I've been reading much about some 550+ci builds that used the A/B heads that needed that much airflow and that got me curious, thanks for any help.

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From the bottom to top: The Edelbrock, the TFS Cobrajet, and the Motorsport Cobrajet heads are all comparable and slightly better than cast iron CJs when they are in stock unported form. The Blue Thunder A head which has the raised Ford exhaust port ranks next,then the Blue Thunder B with the chevy exhaust port. The TFS B head was similar to the TFS A460 head, with raised ports, but the ports were smaller and it required its own special intake. The Motorsport A460 and the TFS A460s were identical except for the name on the end of the head. I don't know of any differences between the old TFS A460s and the new, although there could be some subtle changes. The currently available Motorsport C460 head is of the Yates design and has a conventional head bolt pattern. The E460 "prostock" head has the 18 head bolt pattern and can only be used with the specific low deck block.

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Chris C
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That's along the lines with what I was thinking, thanks for clearing it up. I have several old articles where they build 800ftlb motors (one in a Starliner, one for a boat) that used the old B460 heads so I'm real interested in them. I've seen them at Carlisle relatively cheap so I would be interested in them if I could find the intake with them. I realize these are pretty racey parts but they are "toned down" by a big cube motor. Thanks.

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David laxton
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Call Drew Marine in WA state. You can get his phone
number out of Hot Boat. I got a set of A-460's with
valves and port work for $1,700.
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