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Hopefully going to the track tonight for the first time in 5-6 yrs. Think the below will break 100mph in the quarter? I'm not sure it will, but I'll have fun trying.

Project leftover parts
1976 SCS F-350, C6, 3.70 gear
Rebuilder 460 (was done before I got truck - they were proud enough to affix name plate)
Voodoo 61602 cam
Ported DOVE heads with big valves - (would make compression except for the olympic pool sized dish in the piston)
Blue thunder dual quad with QF 750 (PITA to tune)
3/4 tube headers, 3" exhaust to Aerochambers then 2.5" tailpipes
Patina out the a**
Captain Fantastic playing on the 8-track
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