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Header Coatings

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I want to coat my headers and have some questions.

1) is the 1300°F stuff good enough or should I step up to the higher rated coating. I have heard of headers only lasting 3 yrs on bracket cars and am thinking that thermal fatique is taking place seeing how most gas EGT's are around 1200-1260°F.

2) Is there one better coating than another. So far I have looked at HPC and JET-HOT

Use is on a 14:1 572 bracket car that usually sees 200-250 passes/season.

BTW this is Ken 67 Wagon
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I would get the highest level available if the company you use has more than 1.

As far as other companies, take a look at :

They have some great looking coatings. I've seen several sets of headers they have done. Look fantastic.

David Cole
Airborne Coatings

Airborne Coatings did my headers via Bob at D&D automotive specialists.

So far they are fine except for a few spots on the inside of the tubes however I don't have many runs on them.

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