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Well I changed a ton of stuff over the winter on the car but it didn't hurt me at all :)

last year I won 8 times and this year so far I have been to hanf full of races (footbrake) and I've been to 5 finals and have won 3 so far :)....

I race a few different classes but so far:
LV 1st in Top Street
NED 6th in Pro 3rd in Street
Central Mass Drag racers, missed one of the 2 races I should be still in the top 5

I started racing in April and already have 55 runs on the motor and 30 rounds in the books..

I might have to pull the motor mid season and do a bearing check LOL
I detuned the motor to run the street class but it still runs 11:50's at 117, I'm trying to get it to run 11:50s at 120+
I love my BBF

Thanks to Jay at Broderperformance I have at least 600 to 800 run on the transmission
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