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Hi guys I’m a novice builder and diy from New Mexico @ 20 years old and in the process of completely rebuilding and restoring my 1991 F-250 with an efi 460. This was my first vehicle. So far I have completely rebuilt a new engine for it with all aluminum heads a mild stage 2 camshaft and a fully built E40D with a Thor 2500 stall converter, plus a custom tune from Motorvation Tuner to retain the factory fuel injection. Did away with the factory serpentine kit and reverted to a CVF Racing pulley kit. It does run, but I am chasing some electrical gremlins at the moment. I will post a vid once I figure it out, to show that it’s not bs lol

I have high expectations for this build and have invested lots of time and money into it. Atm I am converting it to a hydroboost brake setup because of low vacuum I do not like the feeling of relying on a electrical vacuum pump booster. Plz excuse my mess in the driveway. I’ve learned everything I know from my grandparents and uncles and college instructors who were diesel mechanics and have joined here to share my little bit of knowledge and learn more from the experts.


- Jeremy :)

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