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Just picked up this super clean 97 F250, 460, auto, 4x4. Super excited been 8 years since ive owned a truck( last on was a 79 Bronco).

Its emaculate other than some rock chips in the paint, dent by the tailgate handle, and a crack in the dash.

Theres one problem. Someone tried fixing the exhaust manifold leak and broke the ear off the head. So it has an exhaust tick.

Im thinking rather than getting the head repaired to switching the top end out. Id like to get 500hp/600 torque out of it eventually anyway.

I was thinking aftermarket heads(not dicking around with stockers) intake, cam, and self tuning EFI. My question is what parts will get me there the cheapest.

Also what do i need to do to the E4OD so it wont melt itself(already has a plate style cooler)

Anyway nice to meet you all!


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