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Help -460 Ford Pistons- FOUND THEM, THANKS!

Found Them, Thanks to all who helped and sent messages and called!
We have pistons and will be at the March meet!


I need two (2) TRW Forged L2443NF30 - .300" dome pistons, 4.390" dia. or a New/Used set of Hi Compression Forged pistons for a 460 with stock pin dia, stock Pin location and 4.390" bore. This is a panic situation, I need, I need, I need.....YOUR HELP!!!

I scattered my motor in Vegas at the last test and tune, lost an intake valve seat and broke two pistons before it was over.
I have a new motor going together in the machine shop, but It will not be done in time to make the meet!

Please call me with any information that could lead me to a couple of the TRW units or a set of anything that will get me a few runs in Bakersfield.

Thanks So Much!

Kim Lee

[email protected]


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