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I have a 2 door 1967 T-bird with no engine that needs inspection laying in my garage
for the last 4 years. It's time to get it back on the road. when i bought it, it came
with a seized & rusted 390 FE without the heads. The car has 38,000 miles and the rear
axel is 9' 3.00:1.

I have a 79 Lincoln 460 D9VE-A2A complete block + C6 and a great shape Pair of stock
C9VE-A (From TBird 69 429). I also have 69 Engine Bracket that fits almost perfectly.
(Need to drill 2 hole on frame for the new Engine mounts)

Since I'm no expert engine builder, I really need your advices to reach the max power I can
get from a 4000-5000$ budget. (I have an extra 4000$ for other stuff. Wheels, Tires, Suspension, rear axel rebuild,
exhaust from collector, etc)

The car will be mostly used as week-end street ride with no special fuel required. (92 Octane max)
My goal is to reach around/at least 550hp 600lb tq.

Here's the setup I found suitable for me after a week surfing the net for parts... (Feel free to give me suggestion)
521ci Stroker kit with forged aluminium Pistons for +0.030 bore. (Summit Part # B15007030)
Complete Gasket Kit
Intake Weiand Stealth 8012
Timing Chain w/ Iron Sprocket
High Volume Oil Pump
Holley 750 CFM Square Bore
Distributor (Summit Part # 66965)
MSD Ignition + Coil

Shift Kit
Trasmission Rebuild and Swap Tail & Output Shaft from 67 C6 onto 79 C6.
Torque Converter 2500 RPM Stall

My concerns are :
- Where do I get my engine overbored? Anyone knows a place around Montreal, Quebec, Canada?
- I plan to Port my head myself with a Deluxe Porting kit. Is it a necessary to have a valve job?
- What is a valve job? Replacing guide and bigger seats/valve OR same + get the head machined?
- Roller Conversion? Which one? (unsure about that)
- Which fuel pump should I use? In-tank? Inline? Mechanical? Electric? How much volume?
- Which Camshaft? Roller or not? how much lift?
- Which Full Lenght headers fits a Full Size Car?

Did I Forget anything?
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