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Ok, I have a '70 Torino Cobra 429 automatic, that my goal is to build as a street strip car capable high 11s low 12s on pump gas naturally aspirated, that could be daily driven in good weather. Am I dreaming?

The car has a C6 and 3.89 rear end gears with Caltracs and new rear springs.

The short block is comprised of a turned stock crank, SRP pistons and full floating eagle sir rods. Compression is 10.5:1

I originally wanted the car simply as a driver and went with a mild roller hydraulic cam (.576/.576 254/260/110 in at 108). Due to the cost of the lifters I would like to stay with a roller hydraulic.

As it stands today I was planning on going with ported TFS streets, but i need the forums help on the cam, intake, gear, converter and tire.

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