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Help with 60ft.

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I have a 85 coupe with a 472 with dove heads.550 tq 543 hp. weight is 3295 with me in it.best 60ft has been 158.I have 90/10 on the front with stock 4 cylinder springs qa1 k member and stock a arms.The rear has adjustable upper arms and non adjustable lowers,competition engineering 3 way adjustable shocks set to 50/50 and stock 4 cylinder springs.I was wondering if that 60 ft. was pretty good and if not what might help?Thanks in advance.
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What size tire and what gear?
28x10.5 slicks and it has 4.30 gear.
Is it spinning or bogging off the line?
Is it spinning or bogging off the line?
X2 and have you added any weight in the rear of the car?

Oh and just remembered does the car have an air bag in the rr spring and how level does it leave?
Are yoy running a 1/4 or 1/8? 4.30 is a lot of gear for that tire.
I'm running mostly 1/8 mile.I have a c6 with a transbrake.Leaving on transbrake at 3200 and 3600 car is spinning a little but leaving on footbrake doesn't seem to be spinning.I don't have a air bag.The pinion angle is set -4 degrees.
I have not added any weight to the rear of the car.
Less gear would probably help with a c6 ,I would try 3.73s with a 28'" tire.
Thanks I'm going to put the 3.73s in.I'll post the outcome after I get to the track.If I was to use a different trans. maybe c4 or glide would the 3.73s still be my best bet?THANKS
Glide usually likes more stall & gear,it depends on what 1st gear ratio you use.
I have some 3.55s would they work better than 3.73s?
I think you may be going the wrong direction.
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