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Help with beast

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Hi guys, great place here! Hoping for some suggestions. I have a 10:1 466 in my Torino that smokes (fuel smoke) until it gets some temperature in it. The problem is, I have heavily ported C9VE heads that someone made the intake runners very smooth and I have a cam with a ton of overlap (242/[email protected] .050 with a 108 degree lobe sep.) Once it warms up, it's not so bad, but it's hard to start and dosen't like to idle because there's just not much velocity or cylinder pressure until it's running some rpm. I guess I am going to have to put a smaller cam in, but is there any way to tame this a little in the meantime?
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What ignition setup are you using? Years ago I built a BOSS 302 for a friend, with the stock dual point the idle was ragged and would not go below 1200RPM. Adding a MSD 6A allowed a much improved idle at 900 RPM.
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