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Help with Delco Remy Alt.

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I have this delco alternator with a wierd plug on the top ... not sure if i need to hook to it or what it does but how do a run a coil/distribuitor/alt anyone know of a diagram or wire harness for these ?

How do i post the pictures ?

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ok figured out the pic posting... kinda
There a little large but...
I believe that unit has an internal regulator. If so, those alternators normally require an "activation wire from the ignition switch, and the charge light is usually part of that circuit.

To make things simpler people often converter them to single/one wire. Set up that way the output wire gets hooked to the system and that's it. If you want to do that there are instructions on the internet. And while it's easy to do, kits are also available that make it even easier.
Yes.. That would be great but...
What do I do with this 3 wire dizzy ? Im use to the good old 2 wire...
Can i even use this dizzy or do I have to replace ?

And what do you mean by charge light ?

And yes.. internal reg.
Charge light; red charge indicator(idiot) light on the dashboard.

The only thing the distributor and alternator have in common is that one makes electricity and the other uses it.

You need to find out what each pin in the distributor plug does and hook it to the appropriate wire in the existing wiring harness. Unless you luck out and find someone who can and will walk you through this, it is going to require locating and studying the wiring diagrams for the vehicle, the distributor, and the alternator, then wiring things as needed. Some time on the internet would probably find you enough info to sort it out.
What are you using for ignition box? The duraspark distributor can be hooked to msd box and only 2 wires are used the solid black is a ground that ford used but msd does not use that wire. On the alternator go to Auto-Zone and buy a replacement plug for and 80's era gm and hook the red wire from the plug to the battery terminal on back of alternator. Or if the case has an F and an S by the plugin you can simply ran a female blade connector to the F blade of the alt. from the battery wire on the back of the alternator with a short piece of wire.
go here http://www.fordfuelinjection.com/
go down till ya see alt.files click it and go down till you see your alt and wireing
Yup, the wires on top of the alt. are: one comes from a switched power source (ign switch to make the field) and the other powers the idiot light. I've seen the "field" wire energized from the "charge" wire on the back of the alt. before and I don't recall if this was a factory set up or a home brewed situation (and led to battery drain) but over the years I've just "K.I.S.S."ed everything and run the internaly regulated, self energizing (they have a magnetic wire inside that energizes the field) Delco Remy alt's. FWIW
My ignition box is a motorcraft ignition box...

dont know to much about it ..

its gray and square... metal and about 4x4 inches
alt wiring

there should be markings on housing,maybe numbered 1 and 2.
1 is for the dash charge/warning lamp,2 is battery volt sense[stops alternator from overcharging],just loop a short wire to the main battery stud
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