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HEMI 429 solid roller lifters,Sheet metal valve cover ,Ultra Pro Magnum roller

Brand new COMP Cams 841-16 Endure-X Solid Roller Lifter for Big Block Ford 429 HEMI with Captured Z-Link Bar.. These have never been used I sent them out to have them converted to a straight link bar by COMP. Comp gave them a clean bill of health but would not do the conversion. These were missed ordered so would like to pass these along. New these are $500.00
$350 plus shipping..SOLD

Set of 16 Ultra Pro Magnum roller rockers new these are $400+
$250.00 plus shipping.SOLD

Also have a set of Sheet metal valve cover that are setup for a vacuum pump with gauge and O-ringed oil fill cap and AN-16 fitting welded in place (Long bolts are included).
$150.00 plus shipping.

Also have an Aluminum T bottom oil pan with pickup.. $200.00 OBO plus shipping

Just cleaning out garage for next season to get me spare bullet started (rotating assembly).. All items are good condition just not needed Roller lifters are new rockers are used valve covers are used.
Can send pictures via TEXT just PM me..
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