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Greetings! I used to lurk and occasionally post in these forums over ~10 years ago, when I was out of college and tooling around in my first car, a '70 GT. My username back then was LI429.

To make a long story short, I learned a lot from all of you guys and had some great times with the car, but life intervened. I was able to hold onto the car though, and it's been parked in my (now late) mother's garage in suburban New York all this time, partially disassembled. I moved across the country, but now I have some time to go back home for the holidays and January, and start putting things back together to bring the car out here to LA!

My list of tasks includes reassembly of the entire top end of the engine as well as installing a new cam, general maintenance stuff like changing out the brake fluid, replacing the 15 year old tires, new carb, etc. I may also need to do work on the fuel tank since it's been sitting so long. I generally know what I'm doing but I'm going to need some advice and encouragement along the way. I did keep detailed notes during disassembly way back when, and I also have all the shop manuals and stuff, so I'm probably not going to start any fires, metaphorical or literal.

This work is going to take a few trips back home and will be ongoing for the next year I suspect, as I make time for it - which leads me to my questions today:

1) If I need to get the whole car in the air, how should I do it? My thought was to jack it up by the diff, put jackstands under the framerails at the rear, then jack it up by the front crossmember where the LCAs connect and put jackstands under the framerails at the front. I've done my share of tuning and bolt-ons but I've never actually jacked this car up myself.

2) Would it be ok to leave the car like that for months at a time or am I risking damage to the unibody if the front end sags? I do have the frame connectors that were recommended on this forum once upon a time (from the rear leaf spring mount to the engine horns, partially through the rear floorpan).

For reference, here's what I'm working with (from memory as of 10+ years ago):

1970 Torino GT (originally 429TJ, power brakes/manual steer, Calypso Coral on black interior)
1973 460 with lightly ported D3VEs + fresh valves and springs (chosen for the new cam and lifters below)
Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap
(new carb TBD)
(new Lunati cam, forgot the specs but it's nothing too big)
(set of ceramic faced hyd lifters, short travel type, not sure if you can even get those anymore. NIB!)
stock oiling system
stock fuel system
stock cooling system + clutch fan
stock electrical besides ignition and upgraded alternator, IIRC
MSD 6AL, coil, and distributor (no vacuum advance)
Hooker 6201s + 2.5 inch H-pipe and Flowmasters
stock close-ratio Toploader
stock 3.50 Traction-Lock rear
255-60R15 rear / 215-60R15 front on Cragar SSs
full Global West front suspension with coilovers (forgot the spring rate), tubular upper A-arms and LCAs + Shelby drop + lowered 1 inch
225 lb/in rear springs, stock shackles + Cal-Tracs + lowered 1 inch

Car has been sitting in a (usually) heated garage for 10+ years.
Any comments or questions always welcome!

Greg H
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