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Hi Everyone, new to the forum!

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Just got registered and wanted to post to say hello to everyone. Hopefully, I can add something to the group.

Definitely not new to Fords, have been building/restoring them for 30 years.

Currently restoring the 75 Mustang II built by Wayne Gapp and Jack Roush back in '75 for Joe Ruggirello in Detroit. The car is mostly recognized from the article in the April 1977 issue of Hot Rod Magazine.

Now back in print, we were asked for photos for the newest issue, September 2010 Hot Rod Magazine.

Looking forward to learning from those who know these motors and enjoy sharing the restoration. I've built several clevelands and many FE's over the years, but have not dealt with this engine. The car can certainly benefit from new technology for these engines, while maintaining its' external appearance as close to original as possible. This thing was built when there was almost nothing available for 429/460's, unless you used factory parts.

More to come and thanks for allowing me to join the group!
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Welcome! Been following your posts on other forums. Glad ya got on here. That is the coolest car I have ever seen. I like the magazine stories about it too!
Keep the turbo's on it!!...it should kill many a Chevy!!
This is the car as it appeared in Hot Rod back in '77

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Part of the original article from Hot Rod

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This is how the car looks today. Currently waiting to get my turn at Dan Neumann Race Cars in Ocala for header fabrication.

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Part of the 1976 Car and Driver article on Detroit street racing featuring the car and its original owner.

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