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hill& hole mud racing

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Has anybody on here done any hill&hole racing? If so how was it and how hard on parts? People down here are starting to ask about doing it, all I know it looks like fun, but hard on parts. I guess if your truck is set up right it would not be to rough!
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Illinois Hill & Hole

Sandy here is ours from last month!!

how long is pit and did you run? what kind of times was good that day?

The pit was 200 ft long and 40 feet wide. Good times for non-nos trucks were 8 seconds or so.

On Fathers day we ran the drags first then the bogs. We won drag classes 2,3 & 4. The drag track was dusty so the truck wasn't dirty, combined with wining 3 classes, I figured the crowd had seen enough of our yellow truck and the other drivers probably didn't want to see it anymore either so we parked it while it was still clean.

This Sat at the fair if the trucks already muddy from the drags, we'll be in there for sure!

Langford that is a pretty insane video. actually it's one I have saved already. Lots of really mean trucks. You had a great run going, What happened at the end? Looks like they cut your ending off?? Great runing truck though!

See you guys!

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wow langford that is AWESOME!!!! how do you find so many trucks like that at one event?!! they have to come from allll around huh?
that made my day, now off to work!
Ya'll can have all the hill pits you want! Mine gets air-born enough without trying to intentionally.
my slip yoke pulled out and broke my drive shaft
here is a video clip from our hill n hole pit:

theres a redbearded fellow that looks a lot like me in there!:D this was not a race but a run for fun for charity, and the trucks got pretty crazy!:eek:
ive been on here for bout a year just never post lol..
Ya'll can have all the hill pits you want!
X2 I have never seen so many trucks destroyed in one place. The last local hill and hole claimed 80% of the entries.
from what I see I think I will pass on it untill I see it in person. There is alot people down here talking it up. There web site we get on called mudwild.com where all the talking is going on.
X2 I have never seen so many trucks destroyed in one place. The last local hill and hole claimed 80% of the entries.
it is rough on parts, my truck broke 2 limit straps, the tan blazer broke the center pin in the front leafs and caved in a fender, and the blue chevy broke off the t case and caved in the oil pan!:eek: oh and there was a black chevy on rockwells that broke a rear axle! but ti was a lot of fun! you got to pay if you want to play!:D
If that was you at 310 I can see where you would break straps!!!
it was a ford racing motor bout 600hp with a 175 shot..
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