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Built by Chris Holbrock Racing Engines
Motor has 5 passes since freshen up, tear down and inspect to changed cam
A-460 heads
A-460 block, w/ bushed lifter bores
EX514 intake
T&D Rockers
Danny B belt drive
Peterson wet sump
LSM Cam odd fire 15486372
Crower lifters
BG belt drive fuel pump
Mezier water pump
Diamond pistons
Bryant crank
GRP alum rods
This is a very good bracket pkg and runs 4.70- 4.80 in the heat. ( 4 link Dragster )
Has gone many rounds at FFW races and World Ford
Contact Craig Sullivan [email protected]

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That firing order is IMPOSSIBLE...#8 and #7 can't possibly be at TDC at the same time. Nor can #2 and #4.
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