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I have a 750 Double Pumper for sale. This was purchased brand new last year from Jegs. I had it on my rebuilt 466 that was in my 1974 F100. I just sold the long block and transmission today out of the truck. I have the Edelbrock Performer RPM for sale as well in another post on the Auction Block. This carb also has clear sight plugs installed on it and the double pumper fuel line that you see attached to it goes along with it. This carb has never had a screw turned on it except for the idle screw. It is as it was straight out of the Holley box. The motor always fired instantly and the carb always ran perfect. This is a very nice piece for the money. Save yourself 1/3 of the purchase price of a new one and buy mine. You won't be sorry...

I just noticed that it looks black when looking down the barrels in the 2nd picture. It isn't black. It is very clean. There was just not enough light. I'm going to try to take another picture during the day tomorrow with a light shinning down from above.

Part # 0-4779c

$300 plus shipping from zip code 47122

OK.. I got some more pic's down the barrels where it doesn't look so black. It was high noon and the sun was shinning down.

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