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Holset HX52 Pro

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Just seeing if anyone might be interested in this thing. 70mm inducer and 99mm exducer compressor, 70mm exhaust wheel and a 16cm^2 exhaust housing which is around 1.1A/R. Minor shaft play, selling it as "needing a rebuild" just to be safe, I don't know for sure but I would rebuild it myself just so I wouldn't have to worry about it. the bolt on the turbine clamp broke, that clamp is $8, rebuild kit is $95

I shaved the compressor housing and polished it, not a mirror shine or anything but wouldn't take much work to get it there. I have a small gasket kit that goes with it, I think it is just an oil fitting gasket and the turbine gasket. 4" intake, 3" (or 3.5") v-band exhaust, 2.5" compressor outlet. Can flow upwards of 90lb/mn and I have seen a couple dynos with this turbo. Mustang made 680~ RWHP, DSM guy made sloe to 800AWHP and a honda Vtec made just over 700FWHP. There are plenty of others out there, just the first couple I found when I did a search.

I figure $150 plus shipping is a good price, or I can have it rebuilt then it would be $500 shipped.
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