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My setup.

73 f100 2wd truck
3.50 gear
C-6 with wide ratio
30 inch tall tires

460 .30 over
d3 heads
h535 pistons
stock rods
stock crank
M-6250-A460 429/460 1.73 Hydraulic cam
– 1° ATC 37° ABC 49° BBC 10° BTC 288° 292° .285 I .493 I 109° 120°
216° 220° .290 E .502 E
performer intake
1 inch 4 hole spacer
Holley 750 dp carb
Msd dist. 6al box
hedman headers 2 1/2 exhaust

I am thinking about using the mad porters set by step to port the d3 heads. What is your opinion on how much of a gain this could make? The engine is all together and runs well. I'm trying to decide if the gains would be worth tearing the top half of the engine down.

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Pay for Mad Porter's website, and home port your heads . Best money I ever spent.
Good advice .. A friend of mine years ago copied a set of D3 heads I'd had professionally ported and flowed , mine were good .
His looked ok but let's just say flowed worse than a stock set .

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Help a brother out...scotty needs to eat too:D.......

But on a serious note...you would be surprised how a well ported iron head will wake it up...
Follow scotty how to ....can't go wrong

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Pay for Scotty's how to section....as said above best money I ever spent. I did just the exhaust side and could not believe the difference....I would bet a 30-40 HP gain just from that. It was a seat of the pants difference not just a time clock difference.

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I have seen dyno testing in very mild oem configurations that show 40 HP.

I have several dyno tests that can quantify the difference as well as show how given the same cam timing better airflow makes more power and torque.

Same combo ported vs. unported (budget work with in 1.5" of valve)

8.5 to 1 466
213 / 219 voodoo cam
performer intake
750 carb.
properly curved distributor
headers with free breathing exhaust

325 to 335 hp for the unported combo and similar torque peaking a bit earlier.

380 Hp (320 with a 600 holley) / 490 for the ported combo both peaking in the upper 4000 range but the unported combo giving up torque from 3000 rpm up due to the poor exhaust flow.

The torque increase after peak is not to be overlooked. The more you can make with a given combo the less throttle feed needed to get the job done.

Another example of two recently dyno'd combos with the same voodoo 219/227 cam:

750 carb flowing 840 cfm. Testing with an out of the box 750 dropped less than 10 hp on the first two combo's.

Performer intake
Curved distributor
Static c/r 9.9X to 1

Budget D0VEs 2.11" / 1.65" valve heads flowing 310 / 180 ish at .600" lift
437 hp /525 TQ

Large valve D0VEs 2.19" / 1.75" valve heads flowing 325 / 200 ish at .600 lift
460 hp / 550 TQ RPM intake would be worth 15 to 20 HP

SCJ headed 460 with pocket work flowing 370+ / 230 @ .600" lift and matched RPM intake. 510 hp / 562 TQ. In all fairness this combo was 11 to 1 static c/r.

The marine 460 engine is similar to the above sporting flat tops, OEM D3 heads, CJ intake and is rated at 330 hp with a 600 carb.

The more aggressive the combo the greater the benefit of proper port work and appropriate valve sizing.

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