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Horsepower question?

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I have a 514 motor with a scat crank, big block chrysler rods, and flat top vinolia pistons. it has a 687' lift solid lift cam with trick flow aluminum heads and victor intake and roller rockers with a 1050 dominator. Motor is 12 to 1, just wondering if anybody knows what kind of horsepower this setup will make and how much horse I would gain by switching to a solid roller cam?
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What are the duration numbers? Which TrickFlow heads? They have made A460, CJ, and Street heads at one time or another...
not sure

Not sure on duration numbers, the heads are the trick flow CJ heads
I think duration might be 250 something
Somebody told me this motor will make 650 horsepower right now and 50-75 more with roller cam, is this accurate?
Sounds fair from what you said, without knowing the duration for certain nobody can give a good estimate. It could be lower or a little higher.
I found out the duration of my cam. Specs are gross lift intake 676,exhaust 648, Duration at 50 is 264 intake and 274 exhaust, any horsepower ideas?
Also wondering what the trick flow cj heads flow?
I found numbers I don't know if they are correct, but it puts your max hp probably about 663 if they are not ported. Hopefully somebody else can respond who knows more about them.

With that said your best HP bet is porting the heads not changing the cam, you could get at least 50 more if that number I found is right.
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