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Not me, a kid at work. It's a stock 1978 460, he will be building a budget cruiser out of it. I don't think it has a lot of miles, so he is not going to rebuild it now. I have some DOVE (un-ported) heads for him, an Ultradyne cam, .524 lift, 272 dur, 112 lobe separation. He wants to replace the oil pump, timing chain, and use the stuff I have. Any opinions? He has some 3.70 gears too. He may use the stock intake, and he wants to add headers (are they available?)

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Here is a post by Dallas I have been following to do my smog build. I use my Truck for heavy hauling and just need some more pop for the real steep grades. I have the 750 V/S Holley on, headers, adj. timing set, and recurved or aftermarket distributor to go. It seems even a little bit more lively just with the carb and all the smog stuff removed. I am not going to do anything with the heads and still deciding if I want to install a good R/V cam.

Cheap or "Frugal" BBF power
October 20 2004 at 1:49 AM
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Response to Budget mild 460 build for a daily driver?


Some cheap 460 Hp tips.

If the cam lift is kept below .520 you can keep all stock valve train.

The Compression ratio is low on most 460's from 73 and up.
It would be nice to get compression around 9 to 1 and use the summit 218/228 cam with .503 lift. Or a cam slightly smaller than that if the compression is down.

Cheap ways to get this compression using stock parts.

73 to 87 460 short block with small chamber 429 heads (C8, C9, D0VE). (short block is common, heads are harder to find)

88 to 91 460 EFI short block with D3VE heads. (these motors use less piston dish so they have better compression even used with the big chamber D3 heads)

OR you could just find on the of the many complete 460's out there and rebuild it with cheap flat top pistons and use the D3VE heads.

The keys are.

-Stock 8.0 to 1 compression sucks, 9 to 1 area is fine and on a well tuned combo will still run cheap gas with a matching cam.
-Mild head work. (smart porting Scott J style)
-Good carb. (750 Vac is nice for this)
-Stock intake is OK, just need to adapt to a good carb or find one of the older Square bore intakes.
-Aftermarket Straight up Timing Chain (OEM chain is retarded stock and kills hp)
-Headers if possible or at least Dual 2 1/2" exhaust on the stock manifolds.
-Duraspark Distributer is great just make sure you recurve it. (These motors run well with 20 deg initial and 36 total all in by 3000 RPM).

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The biggest power killer on the Marquis with the 460 for that year seemed to be the prevalence of 2.5 ratio nine inch gear sets. Even just going to a 3.00 ratio makes a big difference in punch and still doesn't cut fuel mileage- the 2.5 is too long legged for any purpose I can justify. My son runs (rebuilder cam straight up) with ignition 15 degrees initial, 36 total on a recurved duraspark with D3 heads and flat tops in his '78 Grand Marquis. (Oldboats on the Frapper site.) I have been told that '72 460 Torino Hooker Super Comp headers work, but they are not cheap.

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I've messed with about everything. Used a '77 Lincoln 4-door as a toy, it was donated to play with. Stuck a bottle on it thinking, bust a piston & go home, went through 20 pounds. Ended up with slicks & a 3.70 cog & actually got it in the 13's. Anything can happen if you try hard enough
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