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Iam running a griffin aluminum radiator a flex-a-lite dual 12" fans 2500 cfm 160 thermostat weiand 8211 water pump and am having some cooling problems all this in a fox body mustang is this enough what are you fox mustangs running this is a street car mostly 466 9.7 com ebock heads 585 lift 253 dur at 050 weiand intake 950 dp
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how hot

how hot is it getting? stock water pump? are you running a relay on the fan or is it wired direct?

Its wired through a switch i can control it the pump is a high volume pump the engine is getting up to 200 degrees in 8 to 10 min after i start it up iam breaking it in holding the rpms at 2000 i shut it down as soon as it reaches 200 degrees iam think i need more fan
How do you have your fans mounted? How far from the radiator do they sit? Do you have a fan shroud that encompass the entire radiator? What size radiator? 2 row? 1" or 1.25" cores?

Have a good day!
What's wrong with 200F? I personally think your t-stat is way too cold. Swap in a 195 for now and see how it does. 2500 CFM is going to be marginal for idle and low speed cooling, but the higher operating temp will help. The hotter the working fliud, the better the heat exchanger (radiator) will work.

My radiator cap lets go when she hits 200 F its a 13 lb what size cap do i need and what temp is to hot for yall
Break In Procedure:

I typically place a LARGE CFM fan in front of the car/truck when I'm breaking in a new engine unless it's plenty cool in the shop 8)

I don't drive mine on the street so i can't really help you there. Something else to check is make sure you don't have any air in the system which cold give you a LOT of headaches when trying to cool the engine. Jack the front of the car up in the air so that the radiator is higher than the engine and then try filling the radiator again.

Good Luck!

Both things happened i sat a box fan in front of radiator and the temp was about 60 i will try the jacking up the front end getting the radiator higher than the engine and putting water in
Cap size

.What size cap does eveyone use???
I run 16-pound cap, started with 13, I would make sure all the hose's are in good shape.

Ed at what temp do you get cocerned am i just to paranoid with 200 F or is that ok
I've been as high as 230 :oops: , with out water lost, like Damon said, I always use a large fan when breaking in cam or a motor, I have problems with rad getting plug with mud :cry: the 16lb cap works good for me, 200deg I would'nt worry (but watch real close) when mine hits around 210/220. I start to worry, remember most eng run about 195, so 5deg don't seam like that much more IMO. 200deg ain't that bad, as long as it don't keep going higher, if so something is wrong. remember also when you shut it down it will get hotter.
16 lb or higher if the system will take it. If it's blowing water at 200F you may have other problems. Every time I stage my car (1400 times in the last 3 years) the temp gauge is sitting at 195-200F. At the end of the 1/8 mile, it's about 220+, then it drops back to 195 by the time I hit the pits. Never lose any water.
you can try putting direct 12 volt power to the fan and see if it speeds up, it maybe that your therm, is just getting ready to open when you shut it down?!my 195 will go 205 before it opens, but i would go to the 16 lb cap like was stated and see if the fan is blowing hot air. before you shut it down. trent

hold the top hose till you feel it get warm. This will tell you if your Tstat is opening.
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