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How strong are these?

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Anybody run these in a 9in in a truck here? Pulling the rearend to blast and paint it and found I had dutchman axles in the rearend.

Truck has 35s on it,with a 360(I just got the rest of the parts for a 460 swap) and a 435 in it. gonna have a 10-1 460(just finished it) in it with a small xtreme energy cam in it and keeping the stick in it,think the rear will live for a while? I stopped working on it to post this so I don't know how many spline they are til I get them apart. Will update
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What spline is it?

Dutchman makes as good of an axel as anyone.
31 spline, stock carrier trac-loc,4.10s
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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