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Hey guys not sure if im posting this in the right section but oh well. Ive got a 1999 F150 SAS'd on 44's. It had a stock 4.2L V6 in it that i just took out. Im looking to put a 460/c6/205 or atlas II combo in it. I know ill be running a carb'd motor, i know I will replace the carb with something alittle healthier, and long tube headers are another known purchase. Eventually the motor will be built but for now i want to get the motor, transmission and t-case in the truck and running then work on building the motor.

I know i will not beable to use the stock gauges, so I plan on just using automemter gauges for the must haves. The truck is street driven but not a daily driver, I want it to be able to drive down the road safely.

If theres any threads that are like this one please feel free to direct me to them.

1999 F150 regular cab flat bed
Ford Dana 60 king pin Front Warn Premium Hubs, Reid Racing knuckles and Reid Racing hi-steer arm.
Sterlin 10.25 rear end, drum brakes for now
5.13 gears front and rear. Welded rear.
44" TSL's, will eventually be on 47" LTB's

So im wondering what the BEST year motor would be to use for this swap. Is there anything to look for or avoid. Im looking to do this on a semi low budget, Im not gonna cut corners but im not built out of money either. Im sure a stock 460 will be much much better than the stock 4.2

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there is no "best" year engine for your build honestly
Find a good running engine with D3VE or E6TE heads.
OR, Fuel injected engines E7,F3TE will work for you with a carb adaptor.
Others can work well for you too but the ones i listed are just more so for being pump gas friendly.....
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