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Hp question.

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Great forum guys, awsome pool of knowledge. just a quick question on estimated hp, runs good on the hot stand just curios about what to expect, not in the pick up yet.

70 lincoln engine
.030 over

stock stroke, slight deck, quite a bit of port work on Dove heads, standard size valves, sublet dont know flow #s
speed pro teflon coated pistons, flat tops
edelbrock performer rpm cam @ 1degee advanced, 234int @ .50 .556int lift

blue thunder dual quad intake, standard port slightly ported

dual edelbrock 500cfm carbs, dura spark with summit box,
hooker super comp headers,

hoping for around 425,it sounds stout. going into a 75 2x4 xlt that is hope fully goin to have an nv 4500,want to catch a local lightning. any suggestions are welcome
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Looks good.

It will probably require some race gas mixed with premium pump gas, seeing the compression is close to 12 to 1. The porting on the heads will dictate the amount of hp it is putting out. It can be anywhere from 400-490.

Hope that helps,

Cool, any idea what kind of torque? Also what is a safe red line rpm, ive got heavier valve springs in it too. thanks
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