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460 HP Short Block Starter Kit - $1100.00

D1VE-AA 2-bolt block. - Excellent condition, crack free, magnufluxed, sonic checked (safe to .100” over), deep cryogenically treated, bored and finish honed .030” over with deck plates. Block is ready for final/zero decking.

STD 460 crank – Excellent STD condition, journals micro-polished, magnufluxed and deep cryogenically treated.

Custom Ross Race Pistons – Brand new 13:1 pistons for A-460 heads, set up for +0.500” BBC connecting rods (.990” wristpin, 6.635” length, std BBC journal) Pistons are specific to Ford Motorsports/TFS A460 chambers and valve size/angles.

Additional machine work/flycutting on piston domes may be needed depending on valve lift and cam timing events - add $100 if needed.

Also available as an assembled short block including:

Block decks squared and machined for zero deck height.
Cam bearings installed.
Crank rod journals machined to STD BBC journal size.
Rotating assembly balanced.
Eagle 6.635” H-beam BBC rods. (Other rod brands/options available for difference in cost)
SFI approved 8” balancer and SFI approved flexplate.
ARP main stud kit.
Coated C+A or Clevite HP main, rod and cam bearings.
File fit severe duty piston rings tailored to customer intended use.
Moroso oil restrictor kit installed.

Fully assembled shortblock with freeze plugs installed ready for cam, A460 heads, and accessories. $2850.00

Lifter bore bushing service (instead of restrictor kit) is available for $500.

Contact Mike or Tom at Richmond Marine (585)-229-4272 or e-mail at [email protected] for more information.
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