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i need help with a 72 torino 429

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it has a 429 in it im having problems with either timing or carb. when i have idleing it smooth but if i hit the throttle it starts missing iv tryed every thing iv rebiult the carb 7 times iv put a timng ligth on it its set where its supose to be but i set the points an they r set to wat the car book says if any one can help me please help cause im getting mad at it thanx
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have you pulled the valve covers and checked the valve spring tension? that would be my guess- bad spring.
if it jumped timing on the chain would it make it do it cause all the springs or good
if your timing is stable with the light then it shouldnt be a bad chain... if timing jumps around at all then look into the chain.
did you check the actual spring tension or just make sure they werent broken? a spring can lose tension without breaking if its ever been over-revved.. may look fine but until you test it you wont know... also the balast resistor could be bad... or the capacitor
idk but its pissing me off would over heating it mess up the springs
overheating it could easily make the springs lose tension
how bad is 230degess for about 15 mins
an if it idleing smooth until u hit the throttle it acts like its missing it wont rev over 3100rpms
thats exactly how it would act if the springs lost tension
ok cool im glad u helped me i was pissed off now im not to mad i know i got to get springs now lol but hey wat good is a muscle car if ur not under the hood right
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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