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Ingnition components compatibility

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I am still working on the install of my 466 in my 66 Galaxie. I currently have a 1st gen Duraspark distributor that I have rebuilt and curved using Scott's web site. I have ditched the small female cap for the larger male style cap used on the later 2nd gen Duraspark. I have the Ford Motor Sport racing wires and an Accel super coil, the large square coil with a female end. The wire set came with two different coil wires however neither feel like they fit the coil very well. The coil wire feels like it wants to slide back off the post. The coil was given to me by a friend so if it is not going to work no big deal I just do not want to run into trouble when I fire this up for the first time to break the cam in. Should I have a coil with a male post or will this Accel coil work ok with the wires and Duraspark system.

I also am in the middle of converting the wiring from points to the Duraspark box and am following some online instructions, any thing to look out for would be helpful.

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I have always had to pull the copper terminal out of the boot a bit with needlenose then push that in to the coil tower til it seats then push the rubber boot onto the tower. Has alwaays worked best for me seems like if you don't do it that way the copper terminal never seats correctly.
Thanks I did pull it out some to get it down inside the tower. The boot just seems to slide back up the tower after pushing it down. I just dont want to crank the hell out of it when firing it up for the first time and not have it start because I had the wrong style coil.
I have sanded the tower down some on the super coils to prevent that so they are a little more square and it helps alot.
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