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I'm reading-in about my EFI 460 project, and wonder something.
The stock 460 injector size is 24Lbs, and goes to somewhat 360 horses.
The next step is 30Lb, wich has a potential of 450 horse.
Now, this is at 90% duty cyle max.
Ther is naturally a sort of maximum injector size, else everybody would have fitted 100Lb injectors, right? Minimum size incurs idle and low rpm drivability.
As i intend to make a grunt low-rpm power torquey engine, this is important to me.
How do i determine my max. injector size?
I intend to idle at 400-500Rpm, and have a highway cruise rpm of about 1500Rpm max.
guessed max. overall RPM should be around, let say 5K rpm's.
So, range varying from 1-10.

Any info about the injector size?
I was thinking of 30 or 39Lb injectors, and in this case, are NOT a fan of bigger is better. I rather have it correct then too large...

Info highly appreciated, thank you :)
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