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So I have big plans.. but I need to sell some stuff.

Help me out! Prices are obo.

Weiand Stealth. Non CJ Ports. No work done. Was painted blue, then aluminum. Small chip around one bolt hole (piece included). Selling only because I don't need it. (Was pulled because of hood clearance in my car). Includes plugs and studs.
$150 shipped in the lower 48.

Edelbrock Performer. No Work Done. Blue. No work done. One thermostat bolt hole was retapped to a larger size because the threads were lousy. Includes matching thermostat housing with new 180 deg. T-stat. This does *not* included plugs, fittings or studs/gasket.

$150 shipped in the lower 48.

Factory Ford chrome valve covers. I was told (Not sure) that these are police car valve covers? They aren't perfect, but clean up really nice. Both tabs for the spark plug wires are intact. $160 shipped.

Trickflow Push Rods. 3/8" Diameter. 8.4 length .. 080 wall. These have a cam break in and 5 miles on them. $90 shipped. (pictured is 8.. I have all 16)

TCI RV Converter. #443610. It has the 1.850 pilot on the front. This converter has probably 3000 miles on it. My plans for the car changed, so I don't need an RV torque converter anymore.

This is $271 from Jegs.

From Jegs.

"This gas-efficient High Torque Towing Converter is designed to reduce the slippage found in all non lock-up torque converters. This series of torque converters enables transmissions to run cooler and reduces engine RPM at highway speeds. In addition to the resulting fuel mileage increases, the High Torque Towing Converter also lowers transmission temperature by as much as 20 °F. This is an excellent choice for motor homes, tow vehicles and other heavy load applications."

I will say I did achieve decent gas mileage (13+) with this converter.

(no pic.. still installed).

I'd like to get $190 including shipping in the US. There must be some RV guys here.

Comp Cams Extreme 4x4 Cam.. X4262H. 262/270, Lift .514/.524. Includes matching lifters. Cam has been broken in and driven on for 5 miles. $140 shipped.

Ford 429/460 Harmonic Balancer. Good shape, verified TDC is true. $30 shipped.

Ford 429/460 Valley pan insert. Use this as a valley pan. Gasket sets are $35.. I'll take $20 shipped for this.

Pretty much anything in/on the block will be for sale once I pull it. Need anything?
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