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Well I was happy when I left work because I got a raise. I never ask for anything, but my boss was kind enough to acknowledge all that I do at work. That's my second raise in 9 months or so with the company. :D

So after work I head out to the local cruise night, in the truck since my convertible needs some trans attention. Go to get on the highway, nail the gas, and BANG! BA-BOOM-BOOM Snapped a u-joint on my rear shaft. Only had a half inch wrench with me so I removed the front from the yoke on the transfer case. No tools to unbolt the carrier bearing support, so I popped the rear shaft off the front half and ripped the front out of the support. Locked the hubs and drove home on the front. I was worried the front would break driving on the street since my angle isn't very nice for the front shaft. It made it though.

So I get home and hop on my CB750 and head to cruise night. Got there late but had fun. Food and beer too. :) Then riding home I notice the ground got wet, then it starts raining on me! Bah. Oh well, at least it was warm out.

All in all an interesting day. Gonna be busy tomorrow replacing u-joints... Think I might have a guy buying my truck this weekend. Money for body work on my Galaxie.
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