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Iron EX-514 flow numbers

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I have been looking and haven't had much luck in finding the flow numbers for a set of (straight from FLOW TECHNOLOGIES) out of the box flow numbers.... I do realize these rare considered to have a "stage one " prt job , as they call it. I am looking for all the numbers (close) not just max flow numbers. Anyone have any input?

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All i can find is an @ .700 number. Both on the website and courtesy of Stan Weiss.
What I think could help you is numbers for the same head in aluminum courtesy of Dave McLain via Stan Weiss...
I dont think they are dead on but they got to be at least close
.100, 73/66
.200, 145/128
.300, 217/176
.400, 283/210
.500, 334/239
.600, 377/261
.700, 404/278
.800, 420/293
.900, 419/301
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